Pilot Program for Solar Resiliency

Date Posted: Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) is happy to announce a new pilot program that will be available to a limited number of Delaware school districts and public or non-profit emergency response facilities.  Selected participants will work with the DESEU to develop and install a solar plus battery storage system at its site(s). The system will reduce your cost of electricity and provide power supply for designated critical loads during grid outage, all with solar energy! The new SOLAR RESILIENCY PILOT PROGRAM is being implemented in a manner that assures savings for participating schools and emergency response facilities and requires no upfront costs.

If you are interested please see the attached program description and application.  There is a March 4 deadline for the application but as you will see from the attached application it is fairly simple to complete. Applying for the program does not infer any obligation nor does it guarantee acceptance into the program.

Information on the DSEU Solar Resiliency Pilot Program

Application for Solar Resiliency Pilot Program

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