Date Posted: Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

DLLG Members & Associates:

On behalf of the League President and Executive Committee, I hope your summer has been going well.  Labor Day and our Fall season are just around the corner.

A Save the Dates notice outlining the upcoming year’s dinner meeting schedule was sent out in June.  The Fall meetings are as follows:

  • September 27 – Annual meeting and awards program.  Sponsor is Strategic Insurance Partners.
  • October 25 – Keynote speaker is Governor John Carney.  Sponsor is Zelenkofske Axelrod.
  • November 16 – Institute for Local Government Leaders (tentative date).

The awards featured at the annual meeting are Town/City Manager of the Year and Clerk of the Year.  The deadline for nominations is August 20.  The University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration will also present new strategies and directions for local government training.

As we move ahead toward the November elections, and beyond, building relationships in Dover will be as important as ever.  This will require your help and commitment.  There is a high number of Legislator retirements, resulting in competition for more elected seats than usual.  Remember, we work as a team in the League, and advocacy is a team sport.  For reference, attached is a primer we have used in training courses on the DLLG.

Each year at this time, the League updates its database of local elected and appointed officials.  These are the individuals who lead municipal and county governments.  Strong local leadership is vital in achieving the successful completion of policies and projects in our communities, many of which are complicated and, at times, politically difficult.  Skillful leadership is important.  We thank you for stepping up and taking on this responsibility.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  We’ll see you in September.