Update your Gov’t Directory Listing by Sept. 4

Date Posted: Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

August 8, 2018



Dear Local Government Leader,


The Delaware League of Local Governments (DLLG), in partnership with the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration, is in the process of producing a printed version of the 2018–2019 Local Government Directory. We need your help to ensure that your local government’s profile is accurately reflected!


In maintaining the recently updated online version of the directory, we already have been in contact with many of you. However, there may be unreported or unconfirmed changes to your local government’s profile or list of officials. Therefore, we are asking that each municipality review their online page (visit your municipal page by going to or county page by going to and report back to us any updates by September 4, 2018. This will give us time to make changes before the directory is printed in September.


 If we do not hear from you by September 4, we will assume that the information listed on your online municipal page is correct. In reviewing your online page, please pay special attention to the spelling of the names of each official, telephone and fax numbers, addresses (mail, email, website), and annual events (note: you may choose to have published up to three events for the printed directory, no such limit on your online page).



You can submit changes or updates in one of three ways:

  1. Print out your local government’s online page, cross through the incorrect information listed, provide (clearly print) the correct information, and email or fax it to us.
  2. Type the information in the fields provided on the following page and email this file back to us.
  3. Submit your changes electronically. Follow the link to the online form,


Please submit changes (by September 4) to:                                           Julia O’Hanlon

302-831-6224 (phone)                                    DLLG-IPA Liaison

302-831-3488 (fax)                                         180 Graham Hall

                                                                        Newark, DE 19716