DLLG Fall update

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

DLLG Members & Associates:

As fall approaches and we return from wherever the summer hiatus took us, it’s time to get ready for so many activities:  back to school, football, legislative briefings, professional association events, and our September annual awards dinner and ceremony.

Speaking of recognition, congratulations to the newest Downtown Development District designees:  Delaware City, New Castle, Middletown, and Clayton.  This program continues to receive solid financial support from the State.

Upcoming dinner meetings and special events include the following:

  • September 26 – Annual Meeting and Awards Presentations with US Census Update
  • October 24      – Keynote Speaker Attorney General Kathy Jennings
  • December 5    – Annual Institute for Local Government Leaders (daytime program)

Many of the state leagues across the country publish monthly magazines.  Attached is an interesting piece from the Minnesota Cities magazine on media relations.  Perhaps some or all of the information will be of use to you.

Remember 9/11.  Take time today to reflect on the losses and sacrifices made by our first responders.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, thanks for your hard work and conscientious efforts to get things done.  We look forward to working with you in the year ahead.