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Delaware ARPA Funds Dashboard

Delaware Office of State Treasurer (OST)

Delaware’s Office of the State Treasurer is responsible for distributing ARPA funding to local governments throughout Delaware. State Treasurer Colleen C. Davis, as the custodian of Delaware funds

, receives the allocation for NEUs in two tranches (portions) and make disbursements in accordance with ARPA.

As of Thursday, June 24, 2021, OST successfully remitted initial ARPA payments to all 55 of the State’s non-entitlement units of local government (“NEUs”). OST interactive dashboard shows the $43.96M ARPA disbursements in the first “tranche” for the fifty-five non-county, non-metropolitan governments in Delaware. Funding to Delaware NEU municipalities totals $87.9M from the $1.9T federal COVID relief funds approved in March by President Biden.

Delaware Auditor’s OfficeGrey Fox Initiative Logo

State Auditor Kathy McGuiness launched a “”Grey Fox” transparency initiative for Delawareans to track the use of ARPA funds. The Gray Fox Initiative “provides an efficient, secure method to ensure that the expenditure of the American Rescue funds is transparent and consistent throughout the agencies that choose to participate.”

The Auditors’ website hosts a secure, online User Portal – powered by OpenGov, which allow government entities that receive ARPA funds to create accounts and enter the ARPA expense data that flows into the visualizations and data tables. The website will then provide easy-to-read graphics for the public to review and compare the expenditures. Participation in the proposed program is voluntary and optional.

The new Project: Gray Fox section of the Auditor’s Office website can be found here.

Please note this will not replace the required reporting of ARPA projects and expenditures to the U. S. Treasury. See:  User Guide: Treasury’s Portal for Recipient Reporting