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Delaware Local Government Directory

For more than thirty years, DLLG has worked cooperatively with the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware to provide valuable information, support, and leadership development to Delaware municipalities.

One of the most highly-referenced resources for Delaware local and state officials is IPA’s Delaware Local Government Directory, an online, database-driven site that offers current information about Delaware’s 57 municipalities, three counties, and state and national delegations.

The following links connect to IPA’s Delaware Local Government Directory (please note that by clicking on these links, you will leave the DLLG site):

DLLG has utilized the local government programs and services provided by IPA to help local officials understand and make informed decisions on highly complex issues. DLLG considers IPA to be an essential partner in providing direct support and crucial services to many of the state’s local governments.

IPA provides local government support in the following areas: