DFIT (DeLea Founders Ins. Trust)



  • First Statewide Group Insurance Purchasing Consortium Exclusively for Delaware Municipalities
  • Inception date: July 1, 2008, with a Workers Compensation Group Retrospectively Rated plan; 11 municipal participants
  • Reviewed and vetted by the Delaware Dept. of Insurance
  • Expanded to include all lines of Property & Casualty insurances in 2009
  • Currently 19 members, including Kent County
  • Sponsored by the Delaware League of Local Governments


  • To create a long-term insurance option exclusive to the Delaware municipalities, that will enable stabilization of insurance costs, better budget planning
  • Stronger buying power through economy of scale
  • Access to comprehensive and “hands on” risk management and safety planning resources
  • Better control of its members’ “destiny”


  • Program organized as a Trust; Board of Trustees consisting of nine members, elected by the Membership;
  • By-Laws established for the Governance of the Trustees and Members
  • Membership meetings held quarterly, to report stewardship of the program; act as a consortium where peers can discuss and vote on important issues, exchange views, ideas and resources;
  • Safety Committee formed, to create annual risk management plans; work with DFIT Program Administrator to implement training specific to claims trends of the group; promote the building of a strong safety culture within the membership and their employees


  • Proactive management of the member’s cost of risk, through the identification of the true cost drivers of the group’s insurances
  • Mitigate (manage & reduce) costs of risk by developing annual Risk Mitigation and Safety Plans for both the group and the individual municipality members
  • Implementation and monitoring of these plans regularly, at Membership and Safety Committee meetings;
  • Adjusting these plans as necessary;
  • All members must commit to building and reinforcing a culture of Safety Awareness and Best Practices within their local municipality


  • The annual training and safety plans of the DFIT have shown proven results. Since its inception in 2008, the overall group claims have reduced by 40%. Claims continue to perform at this level, consistently.
  • Medical costs of the program’s medical network have been reduced by over 12% in 5 years. There are over 350 providers in the program’s network. This savings has been passed to the DFIT Members’ Workers Compensation costs.
  • These results have provided financial benefits – two years in the past 5 of Return Premium for the Workers Compensation program.
  • For the policy year July 2010-2011 year,  members received a nearly 20% return, for a group total of $160,000.
  • The membership has unanimously voted to retain this return into their first group investment fund, as their first step toward future planning.


  • Strategic Insurance Partners will be launching an official DFIT Pool for Property & Casualty in 2013. This will be an insurance program that can only be accessed through the DFIT Program, and will belong to the DFIT Program and its members. The coverages will  be very competitive because they will be manuscripted expressly for the needs of Delaware public entities. Initially, this will be a guaranteed cost program and at a later time, at the discretion of the Trustees, will be converted into a self-insured pool.
  • The DFIT wishes to grow as a statewide plan, as the premier Property & Casualty  plan for all municipalities, where claims are promulgated only within their group and not all other industries. Both the largest and smallest entities would benefit from the support of each other.
  • Ultimate Goal — A self-insured, joint insurance program for all lines of insurance coverage, exclusively for all municipalities of Delaware.